Smart EMS system LESES-EMS

The entire energy management system takes the EMS workstation controller as the core, and monitors the entire energy storage and microgrid system through multiple connection methods such as RS485, on-site I/O, Ethernet, CAN, 4G, etc.

LESES-EMS (LEGEND ENERGY Smart ENERGY System-EMS) is a cost-effective, multi-functional energy management system controller customized by kraftw technology for the field of energy storage and microgrid. It is a productized interactive system built on the industrial Internet platform. , It has powerful data processing capabilities, is compatible with multiple communication protocols, can quickly connect with BMS and PCS on the market, and can be extended to the field of smart parks and industrial Internet. The products are composed of terminal workstations (EMS-Station) and cloud platforms ( EMS-SOMP) to support distributed deployment.

• LESES-EMS can flexibly connect and control with industrial IoT devices such as photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage, charging piles, power grids, energy-using equipment, etc., to jointly form a microgrid of IoT.
• The cloud smart operation management platform is a micro-network park-level comprehensive energy IoT operation management platform that supports remote management from multiple dimensions such as equipment monitoring, equipment maintenance, security management, control strategy management, and economic analysis. Be unattended or guarded by few people.
• Multi-station data uploading to the cloud, combined with LESES-Brain, is an artificial intelligence algorithm group platform that continues to be developed around the microgrid. Continuously optimize, control, analyze, predict and guide SOMP platform management.